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Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is by far and away the most popular beach in Bali and is the destination for most party goers as well! It is located on the southern coast of Bali and was, until 50 years ago, just a small fishing town well off the beaten tourist track. This changed though when travellers discovered the majestic beach and now it is a mecca for all types of tourists; all with the similar goal of getting the most out of their vacation in Bali.

Perhaps the most famous aspect of Kuta Beach is the surfing opportunities that it offers – one of the main reasons why the beach became famous in the first place. Although originally it was frequented almost exclusively by Australian surfing aficionados, surfers from throughout the world now flock there. One of the things that make this such a great location for surfing is the fact that it is incredibly beginner friendly and that there are also a number of surfing competitions held annually.

Other than surfing, there are a number of other activities to do on Kuta Beach as well. Along the road bordering the beach there are a huge number of shops, restaurants and lively bars, while there is also the opportunity to partake in a number of different watersports. For younger tourists Kuta Beach provides an exciting yet affordable vacation, but for older travellers there is a huge amount to do as well.

Legian Beach

Legian Beach is the perfect destination for young travellers looking for hot weather and fantastic nightlife. The beach is often crowded but should you manage to find a free spot, you will find that it is covered in soft white sand and that the water is warm and tranquil – making it perfect for splashing about in and for the number of watersports there. Surfing isn’t too popular on Legian Beach, but there is still the opportunity to do it. Those looking for the best surfing locations though should try some of the other beaches listed in this article.

Legian Beach is definitely best known for its extravagant night life though, which often puts off visitors looking for a more sedate holiday. There are a number of bars and clubs lining the beach, many of which are open until the early hours of the morning and provide cheap alcohol to already tipsy young tourists! A walk along the Double Six Beach should bring some kind of sanity to the whole vacation though – it is famed for being one of the most beautiful locations in Bali.

Seminyak Beach

For those looking to get away from the bright lights and hedonistic attitudes of the last two beaches, Seminyak Beach provides the perfect choice. It is an upmarket and cool beach with a number of restaurants and bars that cater towards a more discerning crowd – which does mean that the prices are higher as well though! This style also extends to the accommodation, which is some of the most luxurious on the island of Bali.

Seminyak Beach is definitely the place to come if you love art and culture, with a number of galleries and other exciting exhibits constantly being opened there. There are also a number of chic boutique shops that allow you to come away from your vacation with something a little bit different from the usual fare – traditional Balinese attire, anyone?


Candidasa might not be a beach that every tourist is familiar with, nor is it a beach that every travel guide includes. This is unfortunate though as it is a real gem, located on the east coast of the island of Bali, which has the most relaxing beach in the area. The accommodation is basic here, albeit comfortable, and there are only a few restaurants and bars in the area. However, this appeals to many, as it ensures that Candidasa is kept away from the majority of tourists and therefore remains somewhere that the lucky visitor can soak up the atmosphere and immerse themselves in the Balinese culture.

There is some activity to be had on the beach, with surfing becoming more and more popular. It is best for the more experienced surfer though, as there aren’t many lessons available, therefore meaning that people have to brave it on their own. The surf can be great if the wind and tide are both working in unison, something that usually happens in July.


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