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Unlike some islands in the world that are so small that it takes just an hour to complete the circle, Bali is fairly big. And since the attractions are spread all over, you will need a way to get around and see them. Often the hotel where you are staying will organize your transport that will let you see all the attractions. But that is not always the case – particularly if you are staying at one of the smaller places.

Beware – traffic at many parts of the island is chaotic. Footpaths are narrow making walking a problem. Often you will also find bars and cafes along the way, particularly at the beachfront.


Getting Around By Taxi
If you are planning to go somewhere within southern Bali then a metered taxi is a good choice. As you get on board it will cost you Rp 5,000 and this price is valid for the first 2 kms. After that it is Rp 5,000 for every additional kilometer. Make the taxi wait for an hour and you will have to pay Rp 20,000.

If you are planning to go somewhere outside the southern end of the island, then the driver will charge you 30% extra as he will not get another passenger on the way back. If you are coming back on the same day, then arranging your own driver and making him wait is often what most prefer as this is cheaper.

Taxi rental is another option that many go for. You can rent for the full day or for half a day. In most cases, the price is pre-determined between the traveler and the renting company. For the complete day it can come to something around Rp. 375 000.


Getting Around On A Bemo
If you want a taste of the traditional Balinese transport then it is the Bemo for you. These are actually mini vans, but they are referred to locally as Bemos. In many parts of the island (except in the south where taxis have become more popular), the Bemos work as a bus service. Though the prices are cheap, but many try to lure foreigners to charter the entire vehicle.


Getting Around In A Motorbike Or Car
Travel from one place to another in Bali in a motorbike or a car. The car may set you back by about Rp. 100,000 a day. However if you are god at bargaining, you can expect to bring the price down considerably. Hire a new car and the price is likely to be more.

Motorbikes on the other hand can be hired for Rp. 30 - 35,000 daily. So go ahead and get your 125cc (which is the most popular), but do not forget the helmet as this is mandatory in Bali . You will also need to produce your International Driving Permit to be able to rent the motorbike. Though the person renting it to you may not ask for it, but the cops will want to see the permit if you are stopped.

But do take note that traffic may be chaotic and so biking may not be safe in many parts of the island.


By Bicycle
Want a relaxing time in Bali ? Why not hire a bicycle and slowly tour the island? However there are no rental services, and so, you must bring your own into the island, or you can buy one here. The village roads and the mountains are particularly good for your bicycle experience.



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